About Me

Thank you for visiting my site.  I appreciate you following.

I am a pretty normal guy from Raleigh, North Carolina. 

While in college, I was very active as a leader in my fraternity.  I was recognized for my efforts as NC State’s Fraternity Man of the Year and my Fraternity’s National Man of the year.  After college, I wrote thefraternityadvisor.com to share what I know.  Literally millions of people have visited the site for my advice.  I have also written two books on fraternity leadership: The Fraternity Leader and The Chapter President.

Along the way I became a degenerate gambler.  I love a good game of chance.  I am especially fond of betting on football and have had some big scores along the way.  I share my insights and a lot of personal anecdotes in my book Good Teams Win, Great Teams Cover – An Underdogs Tale of Life, Gambling and Sharp Sports Betting.  I also give away my weekly picks for fun and for free on my site fishyfive.com.

While I love those two sites and their audiences, I have a lot more to offer.

After college, I became an office in the United State Air Force.  I served for five years to include two deployments to the Middle East.  I survived over 150 mortar attacks in Iraq, and I’m pretty sure I hold the record for hosting the largest pig picking in Iraq history. Just try to sneak four hogs into a Muslim country.  That is a good story…

I have been very successful in my post-military professional life.  I build world class teams.  I pride myself on exceeding expectations and being a high performer.

I am interested in a lot of other things.  I am section hiking the Appalachian Trail with my son.  I am a professional, amateur bourbon hunter.  Sometimes I’m a decent golfer.  I have a passion for investing and obviously know a little about writing books and internet marketing.  One of my favorite passions is trying to turn one dollar into two.

So I created PatHagerty.com as an outlet to share my thoughts on these things and more.    

Again, I really appreciate you reading.  If you like the content, be sure to sign up for my email list.  I’m not the biggest social media guy, but would love a follow.

Thanks again and keep picking those dogs.

Pat Hagerty