Sleeping Pad

Klymit Static V Lightweight Sleeping Pad

Amazon Price: $42.82

This was my first pad, and it isn’t a bad option.  I saw it has a ton of very good reviews on Amazon, so I decided to purchase.  It is a great value, but not something I would want to sleep on it a lot.

What I like about this sleeping pad:

I love the price.  I have four kids, and this was a great economical way to get everyone a pad.

I love the weight and size.  The pad weights 18oz and rolls up into a bundle that is a little bigger than a roll of toilet paper.  This is great for conserving space.

I like how easy it is to blow up.  It only takes about twenty or so blows to get it completely inflated.  That is nice when you have to blow up more than one.

What I don’t like about this sleeping pad:

This isn’t a good pad for cold weather camping.  It gives practically no insulation from the ground with an R value of 1.3.

It isn’t the best cushion from the ground either.  It isn’t a three inch air mattress like a high-end pad.  If you sleep on your side, you will compress the pad and feel like you are sleeping on the ground.

The biggest dislike I had about the bag was its noise.  When it was just my son and I it didn’t really bother me.  However, when we slept in a shelter with others it sounds like I crinkled a bag of potato chips every time I shifted in my sleep.  I couldn’t sleep because I thought I was bothering everyone else (which I probably was).

Final Thoughts:

You get what you pay for in life.  If you are looking for a cheap option, then this is a good bet.  It’s definitely passable, but not the best option.

Amazon link to Klymit Static V Lightweight Sleeping Pad

Nemo Tensor Insulated Sleeping Pad

REI Price: $159.95

This thing is awesome.  It is best-in-class and I highly recommend.  It has become my go-to for nights in the woods.

What I like about this sleeppad:

This pad is lightweight at 15oz.  It packs up in a nice stuff sack a little bigger than a Nalgene bottle.  It provides great insulation at an R value of 3.5 (says it is good from 10 to 20 degrees).

The pad is incredibly comfortable.  It provides about a 3 inch air mattress feeling off the ground.  I got the extra wide / extra long version for my son and I.  Two extra wide pads in our Zpacks tent fits about perfectly.  This provides a great night’s sleep.

Another thing I like about the tent is how quiet it is.  You don’t get the potato chip crumple sounds when you move on this pad.  That is huge for restless sleepers like me.

Finally, what I really like about the pad is blowing it up.  It comes with a blowup bag that makes blowing up super easy.  The blow up system is very clever and a huge selling point for me.


What I don’t like about this sleep pad:

It isn’t cheap.  It’s about the most expensive option on the market.  That is the only negative.

Final Thoughts:

I often make the mistake I think many hikers/backpackers make.  I buy the affordable option, then after a while I decide to upgrade.  I wish I would have bought the best quality product the first time and saved the money on that I spent on cheaper options.

A good night’s sleep is so important after logging double digit miles on the trail.  Because of that, I highly recommend this pad.

REI link to Nemo Tensor Insulated Sleeping Pad

Therm-a-Rest RidgeRestSOLite Sleeping Pad

REI Price: $19.95

I prefer to car camp when it is cold.  I don’t care for bugs, and I don’t like to sweat in the North Carolina summers.  Because of this, I invested in these pads that I put underneath my NEMO sleep pads.  This gives me double insulation which keeps me and the kids warmer (in theory).

What I like about this sleeping pad:

I have never slept with just the pad, even though I know it is popular with a lot of thru hikers.  They like it because of the weight (14oz) an R value of 2.1.  They also like how you cannot ‘pop’ it because it is just a piece of treated foam.

That said, it works perfect for my intended purpose.  They are cheap and durable, and I happily dropped a few extra bucks to provide another barrier from the cold winter ground.

What I don’t like about this sleeping pad:

They are pretty bulky to store.  I have six of these, and it takes up a lot of space.

Final Thoughts:

I think it makes a difference for me when sleeping in the winter.  I am always very worried about my kids staying warm when the night-time lows are in the 20s.  As such, I have no problem spending a little extra cash to try to provide a little more insulation.

REI link to Therm-a-Rest RidgeRestSOLite Sleeping Pad